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Youth Day

The Fishers High School baseball program partners with Mudsock Youth sports to showcase the City of Fishers' youth baseball program. It's always an exciting time seeing our community's youngest players interact and be a part of Tiger Nation for a few hours. The DoC supports Coach Cherry and the Varsity team during this event. We hope you will consider bringing your player (or team) out and joining the program during this annual event. 

Teacher Appreciation

Calling all teachers! Look for an invitation from a varsity player to attend this game in honor of you and your efforts. Coach Cherry and the varsity team plan this annual event to honor those teachers who have profoundly impacted a player. The DoC supports Coach Cherry and the baseball program during this event. 

Strike Out Cancer

Every year, the DoC partners with Coach Cherry and the baseball program to honor and support a member of the Tiger family who is impacted by cancer. This event is organized by the Senior Class Representative and a working committee with the goal of recognizing a member of the Tiger family. Watch for more information on this program and how you can get involved.

Senior Night

Time flies when you are having fun and nothing says that more than honoring our graduating seniors on Senior Night. This moment at a varsity game honors parents/guardians and their graduating player. The Junior Class Representative and working committee partners with Coach Cherry and the baseball program to ensure this moment is a hit.  

End of Season Banquet

All good things must come to an end, therefore, we are honored to take a moment and join Coach Cherry and the baseball program and hosting this event for the entire program. Lead by the Junior Class Representative and working committee, this banquet celebrates the entire Tiger Baseball Program. The DoC appreciates all of the effort from so many who make this night a success, including the great photography by Mike Gross of 144photos(dot)com and community partners who provide in-kind donations to our event.  

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