Coach's Corner

FHS Tigers Baseball

Head Coach Matthew Cherry

November and December are two of the few “down months” in the Tiger Baseball Program. After a long stretch of baseball from January into October, this is our time to step away from “baseball specific” workouts, focus on the classroom, and build strength in the weight room.


During these months, I spend a lot of time preparing for the upcoming season, both administratively by taking inventory and ordering equipment and uniforms – and mentally, by reflecting on the program’s strengths and weaknesses and processing what we can do to continue to improve Tiger Baseball.  As I’ve processed on my own, as well as with our coaching staff and Leadership Council, I continue to come back to this idea:  build family (strong relationships) in pursuit of winning every game!


Obviously, there is excitement coming off a State Runner-up finish where we only graduated 4 players. But I’m also eager to see how these young men continue to grow together as a team focused on the same mission!  This unique bond is what the Tiger Baseball Family is all about, and I am looking forward to seeing its continued development throughout this off-season and the upcoming Spring season.


I continue to say that being the coach of the Fishers Tigers is a blessing and an honor. I’m given a daily opportunity to positively impact the lives of these young men, and it is not something that I take lightly.  I’m proud of the relationships and the Brotherhood that has been created by being a part of the Tiger Baseball Family. The skill development within the game of baseball is important for our immediate success, but the character development that comes from this great game is long term and is the reason why I coach.


Parents, thank you for all you do to contribute to the Tiger Baseball Family. I believe as we all “Stay Together” and continue to grow, develop, and become others focused that 2022 is going to be another great season to continue the Tradition of Tiger Baseball.


Fight, Fishers, Fight!



Coach Cherry


The Tradition Continues…